P_HR_45 Your Attendance Matters Policy (Including Ill Health and Absence)

This policy is written to promote the health and well-being and attendance of all employees and to ensure that every member of staff is aware of their responsibilities in relation to periods of absence and the sickness absence attendance standards which are expected of them. Informal communications between manager and employee are essential in addition to the more formal consultation procedures outlined within the policy.

Lincolnshire Community Health Services NHS Trust is committed to the promotion of the welfare of employees, through its policies and arrangements for joint consultation including Health and Safety, Occupational Health, Well­being initiatives and Prevention of Work Related Stress Policy.

It recognises that the needs of individual employees, including health matters, are factors to be given sympathetic consideration in determining issues relating to employment.

It is recognised that there will be occasions when employees will be unable to attend work due to genuine sickness absence reasons. In supporting employees to maintain acceptable attendance levels, the Trust wish to ensure that the reasons for absences are understood in each case and investigated where necessary.

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