P_HR_47 Working Time Regulations Policy

The aim of this policy is to implement a co-ordinated and uniform approach to ensure that the Trust complies with the requirements of the Working Time Regulations, by protecting the Health and Safety of Staff from the risks of working excessive hours.

The organisation supports the enhancement of a work-life balance for all staff where it is important to promote consistency and equality, ensuring that there is no discrimination or inequity which may affect one group to benefit less than other groups.

The Working Time Regulations 1998 lay down minimum conditions relating to weekly working time, rest entitlements, annual leave and makes special provision for working hours and health assessments for night workers. The regulations also implement provisions of the Young Workers Directive that relate to working time for adolescents between school leaving age and 18.

Working hours will be monitored in line with this policy so as to ensure that all staff have consistent and equal entitlements and suffer no detriment because they have exercised their rights under the Working Time Regulations.

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