P_HR_50 Code of Conduct for Private Practice by All Employees of LCHS Policy

 It is an established principle that NHS bodies must be impartial and honest in the conduct of their business and, in order to ensure that strict ethical standards are maintained it is essential that conflict does not arise between the private interests of staff and their NHS duties.

The following set of key principles underpins the relationship between the organisation's employees, the organisation and private practice:

  • The provision of service for private clients should not prejudice the interest of the Organisation or disrupt the Organisation's services;
  • There should be no real or perceived conflict of interest between private work and Organisation work;
  • With the exception of the need to provide emergency care, Organisation commitments should take precedence over private work where there is a conflict, or potential conflict, of interests;
  • All employees should not provide private client services that will involve the use of organisation staff or facilities, unless an undertaking and authority to pay for those facilities has been obtained from (or on behalf of) the client. This may only be acceptable in emergency situations for medical practitioners to do this.

These standards apply to all who are employees of the organisation and who undertake private practice:

  • In organisation's facilities
  • Privately or
  • In independent facilities

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