P_HR_63 Job Share

 Job Sharing is an arrangement whereby two or more people share the responsibility for one post and the financial remuneration and benefits are divided between them according to the amount of time they each work.

Lincolnshire Community Health Services NHS Trust as part of its commitment towards flexible working and the diversity of the workforce encourages managers to consider the flexible working opportunities that can be offered through formal job share arrangements. Other potential benefits include greater flexibility as the hours can be split to suit the needs of the service, for example, both could work during peak times, continuity of cover in the absence of one post holder in that at least half of the work is still covered during leave e.g. annual leave, sickness. In addition, should one half of the job share partnership resign the remaining person can maintain a minimum service pending the appointment of a replacement.

Job Sharers will be given equal consideration with full-time staff, for training, career development and promotion, and equal access to In-Service Training regardless of how the hours are split between the partners.

Fundamentally this is the difference between job sharing and part-time workers. For part-time workers the manager will make the decisions with individuals about rostering, patterns of work and tasks that individuals will undertake. In a job-share the manager will agree with all parties in the job share (usually 2 people) the expectations and extent of the role but the job sharers will decide how they are going to achieve this between them.

The banding of a job share post will relate to all sharers employed within it. Any review of the banding of a post will consider the combined duties of the whole post and not the duties of an individual employed in part of the post.

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