P_HR_64 Your Performance Matters Probation Period for New Employees

The existing recruitment and selection process allows prospective candidates to be selected through an interview panel based on competency and behaviour based questions.  The introduction of a six month probation period would strengthen the recruitment of new staff by allowing behaviours, attendance, and competence to be tested in the workplace before committing to substantive employment arrangements.

This Policy details the use of probationary periods within Lincolnshire Community Health Services NHS Trust (LCHS) and ensures consistent application and use for all involved in the process.  Probationary periods are considered necessary to allow LCHS to review the behaviour and performance of new members of staff and ensure that any skills gaps or training needs are identified and addressed to enable the employee to meet the behaviour expectations of the organisation.

 The probationary period is set as the recognised amount of time that is sufficient for a line manager to make a realistic assessment of a member of staff’s performance and suitability for the post.

All new staff appointed to posts within LCHS whether full or part time are required to successfully complete a probationary period of no more than six months.  This will only be varied in exceptional circumstances.

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