P_HR_66 Employee Benefits Policy

Lincolnshire Community Health Services NHS Trust (LCHS) is committed to developing a workforce proud to be part of LCHS (strategic aim number 9) and has therefore developed a holistic total rewards package which is available to all employees.

Across the organisation there has been a drive to recruit and retain high quality employees into the organisation. It has been identified, that a holistic employee benefits package offered to all employees could make working in community services a more attractive option to prospective and current employees and support Trust-wide efforts to recruit into Lincolnshire and positively impact the retention of staff.

The rewards package also acts as a valuable income generating opportunity for the organisation and encompasses the ‘NHS Fleet Solutions Staff Benefit Car Scheme’ and ‘NHS Home Electronic Solutions Salary Sacrifice Scheme’, the LCHS ‘Cycle to Work Scheme’ and the LCHS Childcare Vouchers.

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