P_IG_04 Clinical Records Management Policy

The Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC) Information Governance Management Framework (IGMF) mandates the Organisation must have a robust and documented framework for managing Information Governance that extends throughout the Organisation. This Framework must be used in conjunction with other policies and guidance produced by the organisation. The purpose of the framework is to provide clear and effective management and accountability structures, governance processes, documented policies and procedures, a comprehensive IG training programme and adequate resources to manage and embed Information Governance throughout the Organisation. Information Governance (IG) provides a framework for the organisation to be assured that information processes are appropriately secure and legal. The organisation relies on good quality information being available at the point of need in order to provide a quality service. Staff need to have confidence in the quality of data they use to make decisions about patient care and treatment and the way in which we use resources and run our business.

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