P_IG_05 Business Continuity Access to Personally Stored Corporate Electronic Data (CED) Policy

Corporate Electronic Data

(CED) is defined as:

  • All data, or information files, created on Trust computer software applications or computer systems.  This includes data files created with any software product, such as Microsoft Outlook and Word, or any other PC/laptop based application program AND all networked systems, such as patient information or financial systems.
  • All data, or information files, stored on any Trust computer hardware or networked system or storage media, which includes PC or laptop hard drives and personal or shared network file storage areas.
  • All data, or information files, electronically communicated through Trust computer network systems.  This includes both the internal and external transmission and reception of e-mail together with any attachments.

It is every member of staff's responsibility to ensure that Corporate Electronic Data that needs to be shared is made available at the appropriate time and to the appropriate individual or staff group.

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