P_RM_05 Procedure for the Investigation of Incidents, Complaints and Claims

Lincolnshire Community Health Services NHS Trust recognises that in a service as large and complex as the NHS, incidents, complaints and claims do occur. However, the Trust has a responsibility to investigate these events to understand their root causes and to recommend actions and sustainable solutions to help minimise the chance of the same or a similar event recurring in the future.

The Trust recognises that most incidents, complaints and claims occur because of problems with systems rather than individuals. Therefore, the Trust supports the view that the response to an incident, complaint or claim should not be one of blame and retribution but of organisational learning with the aim of encouraging participation in the overall process and supporting staff, rather than exposing them to recrimination. Therefore, the Trust is committed to developing a fair blame culture and to encouraging a willingness to admit mistakes without fear of punitive measures.

This procedure document should be read in conjunction with the Claims Policy, Being Open Policy, Complaints Policy, Investigation Policy, Risk management Strategy and Incident Reporting Policy.

This policy has been developed to demonstrate the Trust's commitment to improving safety by learning lessons from the investigation and analysis of incidents, complaints and claims. Lincolnshire Community Health Services NHS Trust has individual policies and procedures that cover the reporting and management of incidents, complaints and claims and being open with our staff, patients, carers and the public. This document sets out the process for investigation of incidents, looking at the underlying causes and identifying actions to prevent a recurrence and understand how loss can be minimised.

Key processes:  Root Cause Analysis, Datix, Risk Management, PALS,

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