Research and Innovation Team

The Research & Innovation Team is based at the Fen House in North Hykeham, Lincoln. Our role as a team is to provide high quality Research Support Services, including Governance, advice on delivering research and to facilitate patient recruitment across the Lincolnshire Primary Care Services and Community.

Our Team consists of staff employed by Lincolnshire Community Health Services NHS Trust to ensure that all Research in Primary Care and in the Community is ethically sound and approved by all relevant organisations. Our Team consists of highly qualified Managers, Research Professionals; some of which are funded by the East Midlands Clinical Research Network and Administrators.

Team Members:

Research Lead - Professor Niroshan Siriwardena

Practicing GP, based at the University of Lincoln with an outstanding academic Research reputation. Professor Siriwardena also plays a key role in helping to Steer Research strategies within Lincolnshire.

Research Manager: Janice Wiseman

Over 20 years combined experience in nursing and research within both Primary and Seconary Care with a speciality in Oncology. Janice manages the Research and Innovation Team to ensure research continues to grow and improver across Lincolnshire.

Debbie Jeffrey: Locality Manager CRNEM (Clinical Research Network: East Midlands)

A registered nurse with over 20 years' experience, previously a practice nurse specialising in Coronary heart disease before joining the Research Team in 2010.

Mary Day: Clinical Studies Development Officer (CSDO) CRNEM

Formerly a registered nurse specialising in orthopaedics and community nursing, with 7 years' experience in working within a clinical research organisation as a clinical research co-ordinator in medical devices, and commercial research.

Helen Ginnelly: CSDO CRNEM

A Radiographer with a vast experience in research therapeutics and has worked previously for the Cancer Research Network before joining the Research Team in 2013.

Ellen Tittley: CSDO CRNEM

A registered staff nurse who has previously worked within the Health Visiting Team as a family and healthy lifestyles nurse working with children from birth to 5 years old, then joined the Research Team in October 2013.

Steven Bosel-Doyle: Diabetes Research Nurse (DRN) CRNEM

Experience in working in both Primary and Secondary Care as both a general nurse and a research nurse, working to increase diabetes studies across Lincolnshire.

Janet Beecham: DRN CRNEM

With a background in Community Care and specialising for the last 10 years as a Diabetes Nurse. - link to Clinical Research Network Website

Katy Ward - Research Management and Governance Administrator

10 years' NHS experience and the point of contact for smaller non-funded research studies.

Susan Leigh: Senior Research and Innovation Administrator

7 years NHS experience. Working within the Research and Innovation team to raise awareness of research and promote involvement across Lincolnshire.

Victoria Hill: Research and Innovation Administrator

6 years NHS experience. Working within the Research and Innovation team supporting and advising colleagues in its day to day functions.


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 Telephone number: 01522 502023