The Research Governance Framework 2nd Edition (2005)

The Research Governance Framework 2nd Edition (2005)

 Research Governance Framework 2nd Edition 2005

This health and social care framework defines broad principles of good research practice, and is key to ensuring that health and social care research is conducted to high scientific and ethical standards. It supports both research and the researcher by reducing unacceptable variations in research practice, promoting good practice and learning from mistakes. 

Who does research governance apply to?

The Research Governance Framework applies to all those who are doing research or are connected to healthcare research.  Any research project, which involves LCHS NHS Trust staff, patients, patient data and/or their tissues/samples or LCHS NHS Trust premises/facilities, needs NHS Permissions prior to commencement.

 What are the responsibilities and accountability under the Research Governance Framework?

1. Everyone involved in research with human participants, their organs, tissue or data is responsible for knowing and following the law and the principles of good practice relating to ethics, science, information, health and safety, and finance set out in the Research Governance Framework.

2. All those involved in research also have a duty to ensure that they and those they manage are appropriately qualified, both by education and experience, for the role they play in relation to any research. They must be aware of, and have ready access to, sources of information and support in undertaking that role.