Safe Staffing 2016

Safe Staffing - December 2016


  • Safe Staffing is based on 3 staff nurses on a day shift
  • We have not met that in any day in December
  • We have met 2 nurses on every shift Bank staff nurses have been authorised to achieve this and CNL has fallen into shifts
  • Our establishment figures do not allow 3 nurses on a day shift
  • 2 nurses on all night shifts


  • We have been using extra HCSW to ensure housekeeping shifts are covered
  • Also to use HCSW to ensure 6 staff are on shift
  • Band 7 to start in Jan and band 5 30 hours to start in Jan
  • Recruitment to band 1 housekeepers due to start in Jan
  • Interviews to take place for band 2 HCSW on Jan 12th


We currently have 1 WTE HCSW on long term sick.  New RN started after Dec induction.  Recent interviews for 4 WTE HCSW was successful on 22/12/16 hoping to start in Feb induction for external recruits and early feb for internal recruits. 

During December we have had a nurse join our trust who is currently on supernumerary hours, we have struggled with staff sickness therefore on the nights we have tried to cover the main parts of the shift with twilight hours and increase our HCSWs levels when unable to cover with a second trained nurse.

We continue to have a HCSW on long term sick


Our apprentice HCSW has completed her course and now a member of the HCSW establishment

  Safe Staffing - Decemebr 2016


Safe Staffing - November 2016



Safe staffing is worked out on 3 nurses on a day shift

We have not met that on any day in November but have met 2 nurses on every shift bar a few hours on one day CNL has fallen into shifts

We have active recruitment to a band 7 and band 5 to start within the next month

Our establishment funded figures do not allow us to staff up to 3 nurses on the day shift

2 nurses on all night shifts this month


We have been utilising extra HCSW on bank authorised to cover Housekeeper long term sickness and also to accommodate for a 6th staff member on the early where we can to ensure 'numbers on the ward'

Active recruitment to HCSW posts also this month and 2 bank Housekeepers are in the recruitment process


During November we have had a HCSW and a RN both requiring compassionate leave and sick leave following bereavements and still continue to have a HCSW on long term sickness. To cover the shifts safely we have been splitting shifts and nurses have been supporting doing a twilight shift rather than a full night shift when there has been sickness overnight.

  Safe Staffing - Novemebr 2016



Safe Staffing - October 2016


Trained Staff

  • We are currently under established to be able to maintain 3/2 staff nurses day night
  • We have worked to ensure 2 staff nurses on 24 hours a day and have been allowed to utilise bank staff to achieve this
  • Recruitment is being asked for
  • There are changes afoot with as what our establishment will be within the new pathways
  • There are 2 nights where there were only 1 nurse on duty extra HCSW were utilised for this purpose It was escalated to try and cover without avail

Untrained staff

  • We were over what was needed in terms of hours as we have been using to cover trained nurse to ensure enough people on duty to compliment the 2 trained nurses and also to ensure that we have cover for long term sickness of Housekeeper


  • We have some gaps in the staffing numbers as we have currently a HCSW on long term sick ( 1 WTE) and also had a couple of weeks with 2 RNs off sick.  We are currently out to advert for 1 WTE band 5 post and running with 4 WTE vacancies for HCSWs.
  • Band 7 is working in the numbers to cover some of the shifts.

  October 2016 Safe Staffing