Safe Staffing 2017

Safe Staffing - January 2017


2 x 12 hour day shifts were left uncovered by HCSW, supanumery student nurses used.


Trained nurses

We only met safe staffing of 3 band 5 staff nurses on6 of the 31 days in March

All shifts had 2 nurses on

CNL and CTL are extra to numbers and fill in when needed

Ward is staffed to 11.4 WTE which equates to 2 nurses on every shift day and night

All nights were covered with 2 trained


We were over hours on days for the 3 HCSW as we were using HCSW to cover Housekeeper role and also to ensure 6 staff on ward in absence of 3rd trained

There were 3 nights that only 1 HCSW on duty all due to sickness but all escalated and cover authorised but unable to appoint shift due to lack of bank staff


During January we have employed our apprentice HCSW to a substantial post of 24 hours and continue to have 1 HCSW on long term sick. For the nursing staff where we have had sickness we have split shifts to cover the ward safely and utilised out advanced nurse practitioner to support on the ward.


  Safe Staffing - January 2017