Lincolnshire Community Health Services NHS Trust has a statutory obligation and duty of care to ensure that patients and service users live free from harm and abuse. Preventing and responding to the abuse of children and adults is essential to achieving optimum standards of health, safety and well being.  Safeguarding is a fundamental requirement for registration and complying with the Care Quality Commission, Essential Standards for Quality and Safety. 

Safeguarding Children

If you are worried about any child and think they may be a victim of neglect or abuse, please contact:

 Lincolnshire Safeguarding Children Board

Telephone: 01522 782 111

Safeguarding Adults

Adult abuse and neglect isn’t always obvious. If you suspect a vulnerable adult is suffering abuse or neglect in any way, please contact:

  Lincolnshire Safeguarding Adults Board

 Telephone: 01522 782 155

  Safeguarding Policies


  Safeguarding declaration 

 CQC Review of Health Services for Children Looked After and Safeguarding in Lincolnshire

 CQC Review of Health Services for Looked After Children and Safeguarding in Lincolnshire - recommendations

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