Stages of Cardiac Rehabilitation

In Hospital

  • Individual assessment of risk factors such as high blood pressure, smoking, poor diet or lack of exercise
  • Individual assessment of risk stratification meaning the clinical team and individual make a decision together about the best form of aftercare
  • Investigations as appropriate
  • Education/information/contact details given
  • Family support and information

The Community Cardiac Rehabilitation Service aims to help and support you on your return home and these are the benefits to you

  • After discharge follow-up by phone/home visit/clinic
  • Individual assessment/review of risk factors and risk stratification/exercise advice/vocational advice
  • Identify any problems/deterioration in condition
  • Review Medication, optimise if appropriate
  • Offer psychological advice and support
  • Signposting to relevant agencies/disciplines
  • Discuss and agree an individual plan that you can manage yourself
  • To involve and support carers
  • Inform GP of involvement/advice given/changes/issues
  • Liaise with Cardiologist as appropriate
  • Out patient education/exercise recovery programmes to aid your recovery
  • Individual exercise prescription and monitoring of progress
  • Low and Moderate intensity exercise classes delivered
  • Home based walking programme
  • Review risk factor assessment/lifestyle change/vocational advice
  • Review/Optimise Medication if appropriate
  • Advice for long term maintenance of exercise & wellbeing