Surveys and Consultations

Lincolnshire Community Health Services is dedicated to listening to our service users and improving the services we offer.

We believe it is important to involve patients and the public in the decisions we make as we can only improve our services by constantly seeking local views.

This will lead to:

  • Better informed decision-making
  • Greater awareness about the services we provide and
  • a sense of empowerment by the people who use our services

There are a number of ways you can get involved in surveys. You may be asked to give your feedback through a survey at the time of attending a health service, or it may be sent to your home address (with your consent). Alternatively there may be online surveys on this website in which you can take part.

You may also be invited to take part in a consultation.  Consultation is usually undertaken when consideration is being given to changing the way services are delivered.

How does a consultation take place?

When a consultation begins, we will usually publish a consultation document with a letter explaining what kind of questions we are most interested in. We will also outline a timetable and a way for you to get your responses back to us. We will also explain how decisions are made after the consultation is finished. Anyone can respond to our consultation document, either as a group or as an individual.

Who is consulted?

Generally we consult partners and stakeholders:

  • Partners: Those that have a formal relationship with Lincolnshire Community Health Services
  • Stakeholders: Patients and potential patients, staff and suppliers, local residents

Legal Obligation

The NHS now has a duty to consult people who are affected whenever there are substantial changes to services.