Tony fulfils his bald ambition to lose his locks for heart service charity

Those who know businessman Tony Wright will have to get used to seeing a woolly hat rather than his trademark luscious locks. 

But feeling a bit chilly on top is a price Tony is more than willing to pay after shaving his head to raise funds for his local Cardiac Rehabilitation Service. 

Tony (66), of Spalding, collected more than £250 for the South East Cardiac Rehabilitation Charitable Fund, part of an independent charity at Lincolnshire Community Health Services NHS Trust (LCHS) which supports innovative projects and requests to enhance services and facilities that would not be generally funded by the NHS.

The Cardiac Rehabilitation Service provides education and exercise rehabilitation countywide to those who have experienced a heart attack, heart surgery, or procedure to return to a full and active life, while reducing the risk of further cardiac events.

Tony has completed two six-week programmes with the service following a heart attack and surgery, and is hoping to take part again next year when he has recovered from another procedure.

"I found their caring and responsive attitude has been so important," he said. "On a couple of occasions I have had cause to ask questions and not known who to ask. That's when I have contacted the Cardiac Rehab team. If I couldn't get hold of someone, they would always call me back and were so reassuring. A short time ago I was frightened to start exercising again and I asked if I could come back to the service again. With the support of my GP, they helped me to complete a second programme and that's when I realised how important they are."

It was while preparing to have an implantable cardioverter defibrillator (ICD) fitted that Tony decided to not just cut his long hair, but to shave his head completely. He completed the task in front of family and friends at The Punchbowl in Spalding.

Tony added: "I was told I would not be allowed to lift my left arm over shoulder height. I have always had long hair and it's pretty impossible to wash and untangle long hair with only one arm active, so it occurred to me this would be a good way to help myself and the Cardiac Rehab team." 

Andy Hall, Cardiac Rehabilitation Nurse Specialist at LCHS, said: "Using Charitable Funds allows us to invest in those little extras that make our service more enjoyable for our patients. We are delighted to hear we have been able to make such a difference to Tony and are so grateful for the donation he has made."