Top Tips to Keep Kids Safe This Halloween From Lincolnshire Community Health Services

Halloween can be exciting and with more and more children getting involved with activities each year it is important to remember to be safe while out having fun.

Here are a few top tips from Carolyne Bognar, Health Visitor and Leanne McHugh, Practice Educator, from Lincolnshire Community Health Services NHS Trust (LCHS), on keeping your child safe this Halloween.


Costume safety
Whether you decide to buy your child's costume or make them yourself, you need to ensure they are safe.

  • there are an estimated 750 clothing flammability accident each year of which 80 are fatal*
  • currently, fancy dress costumes are not necessarily fire proofed or fire retardant, as they are classified as toys. Always read the manufacturer labels carefully on both fancy dress costumes and materials
  • make sure the outfit fits properly as this will help avoid trips and falls
  • if your child is carrying a prop, think about if this can be made out of flexible material that will bend if your child does fall over
  • if using make up or face paint ensure you test this on a small area of your child's skin in case of allergies prior to dressing up
  • ensure mask holes can be seen out of.

Trick or Treat safety

  • Children should be accompanied by a responsible adult when trick or treating
  • if possible, add in reflective strips to costumes
  • carry glow sticks and torches
  • ensure any treats given are wrapped up and suitable for the child's age. Remember, hard boiled sweets and lollipops are a choking hazard
  • discuss 'stranger danger'
  • ensure road safety is also discussed.

Safety in the home

  • keep candles well away from items that could catch fire
  • place candles on a heat resistant surface
  • always place candles out of the reach of children and ensure they are full distinguished when leaving the room
  • do not leave burning candles unattended.

Have a spooky and safe Halloween from all the staff at LCHS.