What to expect at your first visit

Assessments will last between 30 and 60 minutes to complete and are essential for gathering the information that we need to establish a diagnosis.

Please wear or bring along appropriate clothing so that we can assess and treat effectively.  For example, if we are looking at a neck, a vest top would be adequate, or if we need to see your knee a pair of shorts would be advisable.  Some assessments may require us to look further past the site of pain/issue itself, however we always work to maintain patient dignity and if there are any concerns, please speak to your physiotherapist.

Within your assessment, we will be interested in finding out how the problem started and when, if there are any daily activities or hobbies that are being affected and if there is anything that particularly aggravates or eases the condition.  We may want to see how you and your joints move, we will probably want to check your muscle strength, reflexes and carry out other special tests to help us determine the problem.  If, at any stage you are uncomfortable, please speak to your physiotherapist.

Following the Assessment, we will discuss treatment options and agree on a treatment plan.  This may be a specific exercise programme, or we may feel that further treatment is required.  All of our treatment plans are evidence based and we will advise on the best suited plan of care.