Why should I take part in research?

There is evidence that for some conditions, patients involved with clinical trials have better long term outcomes and may also get earlier access to new drugs.

Your health will be closely monitored throughout a clinical trial. Any changes in your health, whether or not they are related to the treatment you are having, are frequently picked up and acted upon earlier than if you were not in a trial. However, some people find that the extra attention makes them worry more about their condition.

If you take part in a research study you:

  • will be helping others, and possibly yourself, by helping to identify more effective medical treatments
  • will have more contact with medical staff than you normally do
  • will have opportunities to learn more about your medical condition, which may help you to manage it better
  • may feel as though you are taking a more active role in your healthcare.

Many patients who take part in research find it a positive and rewarding process.