Safe Staffing

LCHS is reporting to its Trust Board the figures submitted nationally in regard to the levels of staff working on the wards in their Community Hospitals.

The numbers are presented in the required format to outline the numbers of staff that should be present per shift (planned) and those actually working (actual).

Ward Managers and senior staff on each site are aware of the numbers of staff available per shift and are able to take appropriate action if required to ensure the safe care of patients is maintained.  In addition, the numbers are displayed on the entrance to each ward with a clear escalation process in place to ensure the Chief Nurse is aware of any acute staffing shortage.

 Safer Staffing Report to LCHS Trust Board June 2014

 Trust Board Hard Truths Report April 2014


Safe Staffing - March 2017


Trained staff

We did not meet the level for 3 nurses on any day shift in April

We met 2 staff nurses on every shift for all shifts bar 5.5 hours over 3 separate occasions where there was only one nurse on duty This was never for more than 2 hours 

Escalation of non-cover had happened and authorisation to cover but unable to cover 

These deficits were due to sickness on all occasions last minute

We are currently 1.6 WTE down in staffing 0.6 WTE equivalent has been filled and staff nurse will start on June induction

We also have 0.56 WTE long term sickness and 0.6 WTE that cannot work clinically at present due to OH restrictions

CNL and CTL have covered many shortfalls in staffing

Bank has been authorised to cover the vacancy factor

We have worked up to 2 trained on every shift and this was achieved on all night shifts

We have worked to have 4 HCSW instead of 3 on every early shift wherever possible and for 3, four if possible on a late shift to ensure at least 6 staff in total on an early and 5 staff in total on a late shift


Untrained staff

There were as above at least 3 staff on every day shift and 2 staff on every night shift

We have a 15 hour a week vacancy on our current establishment figures



Please find the safe staffing for Welland ward.

We had gaps in staffing on night duty for trained nurses as we were supporting the Butterfly hospice.  1 WTE RN on long term sickness, 1 WTE HCSW on long term sickness and one HCSW new to trust so working as supernumery.

  • Band 7 working in the numbers also to support.

Currently no vacancies.


We have recruited to the vacancies within the Band 2 establishment to cover the shortfall, however, staff are not due to commence in employment until the end of May beginning of June and July. Bank has been employed to cover the shortfall but this is proving challenging as all our bank staff are our substantive staff.

Other vacancies have been sent to recruitment and we are awaiting confirmation of agreement to go out to advert and I am chasing this outcome daily. Staff continues to flex according to the need.


Maternity leave – band 6 - 0.8wte; HCSW band 2 - 1.6wte

Long term sick – HCSW band 2 0.8wte

Vacancies – band 6- 0.2wte, band 5 -2wte (out to advert), HCSW band 2- 4.0wte(recruited to, and due to start over the next 2 months)

Please note the vacancies are estimated figures as I have not had sight of my full budget and nominal role as yet.


Safe staffing numbers WTE


We have 2.00 WTE hours  out to advert at present 

We have 1 long term sick on Gloucester ward 

We have an ANP on a phased return following long term sickness

We have back filled our band 5 establishment with band 2 due to band 5 shortages. This should improve with the new staff in place. Work is ongoing to ensure staff is at a safe level accordingly.



BAND 2  -  WTE   We have 0.60 WTE which is at advert at present 

We  have  long term WTE 1.20 sickness and 2 staff on phased return after return to work following long term sickness

We have 0.40 band 1 post vacancy at present at advert

  Safe Staffing - April 2017