Safe Staffing

LCHS is reporting to its Trust Board the figures submitted nationally in regard to the levels of staff working on the wards in their Community Hospitals.

The numbers are presented in the required format to outline the numbers of staff that should be present per shift (planned) and those actually working (actual).

Ward Managers and senior staff on each site are aware of the numbers of staff available per shift and are able to take appropriate action if required to ensure the safe care of patients is maintained.  In addition, the numbers are displayed on the entrance to each ward with a clear escalation process in place to ensure the Chief Nurse is aware of any acute staffing shortage.

 Safer Staffing Report to LCHS Trust Board June 2014

 Trust Board Hard Truths Report April 2014


Safe Staffing - June 2017

All areas flexed skills and resources to maintain safe levels of skills on all sites in month. Although individual fill rates are variable, staffing is reviewed daily to match the needs of the patients at a point in time (Numbers and dependency)  Existing staff are on the bank and it is these staff that have provided cover for any deficits.

Johnson: Presently ward carries some trained deficit due to vacancies (presently out to advert) and sickness. Ward leaders have been ward based to maintain active numbers on the ward. Other gaps covered with Bank to maintain cover. Johnson team supporting Butterfly hosice staffing

Butterfly hospice: staffing filled  to match need with support of the wider community.

Louth: Ward has vacancies and pending leavers, recruitment ongoing and exploring skill mix options. Due to present restrictions in bed number (ward mantainence in month affecting occupancy) resource available has matched need.

Skegness: Recruitment has bene successful with new staff pending start date. Hours have ben backfilled with skill mix and ward leaders being site based.  Both wards share resources to match skills available to pt need.

Scotter: Leadership team clinically based to support shifts, backfill and bank provided to support safe levels.

Work has continued on all sites and a wholescale staffing review has been undertaken to match resource and skills availble to actual need. Workforce plan will change to reflect this and the implementation of this will be ongoing from August. 

 Safe Staffing - June 2017