Safe Staffing

LCHS is reporting to its Trust Board the figures submitted nationally in regard to the levels of staff working on the wards in their Community Hospitals.

The numbers are presented in the required format to outline the numbers of staff that should be present per shift (planned) and those actually working (actual).

Ward Managers and senior staff on each site are aware of the numbers of staff available per shift and are able to take appropriate action if required to ensure the safe care of patients is maintained.  In addition, the numbers are displayed on the entrance to each ward with a clear escalation process in place to ensure the Chief Nurse is aware of any acute staffing shortage.

 Safer Staffing Report to LCHS Trust Board June 2014

 Trust Board Hard Truths Report April 2014


Safe Staffing - February 2017


Trained Staff

There was only one occasion where one staff worked on their own and this was due to last minute carers leave and we were unable to cover

We did not meet safe staffing levels of 3 band 5 nurses on shift on any of the days of the month but all shifts were covered with two trained nurses with the exception of the above

We have long term sickness of one staff member and one nurse who is unable to work clinically 

Our establishment figures do not reflect the amount needed to be able to staff to 3 nurses in the day time

Untrained staff

We had 2 nights where only one HCSW was on the night shift On these nights we were not up to full capacity of patients 

We have 2 WTE vacancies at present and have just appointed to these to start in April induction with a bank staff member too


During February we have been supporting the butterfly hospice therefore we have been utilising agency staff where we can. If we have been unable to cover this we have amended start and end times for the staff coming onto the ward to support safe staffing levels and utilised our ANP on the ward who is supernumerary. 

We continue to have a HCSW on long term sickness and have a 1 FTE HCSW starting her induction in March.

  Safe Staffing - February 2017