Our Trust Board

 The Trust Board is made up of Chair, Chief Executive, Executive Directors and Non-Executive Directors.

 The role of the Trust Board is to promote the long term sustainability of the Trust as part of the Integrated Care System (ICS) and wider healthcare system in England, generating value for patients, service users and the public.

The Trust Board establish the trust’s vision, values and strategy, ensuring alignment with the Integrated Care Partnership’s (ICP) integrated care strategy and ensuring decision making complies with triple aim duty of better health and wellbeing for everyone, better quality of health services for all individuals and sustainable use of NHS resources. The Trust Board must satisfy itself that the Trust’s vision, values and culture are aligned. All directors must act with integrity, lead by example and promote the desired culture.

Trust Board meetings whilst held in public, are not public meetings. This means that members of the public can view the meeting by following the web link, which is published alongside the meeting dates, but cannot take part in the discussion. For this reason, our Chair will conduct a short item before the start of each public Board agenda to acknowledge, and where possible respond to, questions from the public which have been submitted in writing in advance of the meeting.

The agenda and papers are published to the website a week ahead of the meeting and members of the public are invited to submit questions to the Board in line with the Trust process.

Questions from the public at board meetings

Questions are welcomed from the public and will be presented to the Board if submitted in writing or by electronic mail to the communications team (lhnt.lchsecomms@nhs.net) by no later than the Sunday before each Board meeting. Where a Board meeting falls on the Tuesday immediately after a Bank Holiday Monday, questions should be submitted by no later than midday on the Friday before the Board meeting.

Questions must show the name and address of the person submitting the question and, if submitted on behalf of an organisation, the organisation’s address must also be stated.

No more than one question may be submitted by any person for each meeting to allow us to deal with a fair cross-section of questions. We will endeavour to provide a response at the meeting which will be offered by a member of the Board to the Chair.

The Chair reserves the right to refuse any written question that:

  • Is not within the powers and duties of the Trust to answer;
  • is defamatory or offensive, or related to individual members of staff;
  • would require the disclosure of confidential or exempt information;
  • Is deemed to be overtly political;
  • is substantially the same as a question that has been answered before.

The Chair will announce the start of the question session at 10.15am lasting up to 30 minutes. The Chair will read out the question submitted and then a response where possible will be given to the Board. Questions will be addressed in the order that they were received.

Should the 30 minutes given not allow time for all the submitted questions to be addressed then a response to the unanswered questions will be provided in writing later.

For further information on this guidance and for the submission of questions please contact the communications team (lhnt.lchsecomms@nhs.net)

Our Board meetings are paperless, meaning that all Board reports are now only produced electronically.   

By clicking on the link below, we will have your email address and may contact you to ask about your experience of the meeting.

Meeting date Venue
Tuesday 2 July from 10:15am

Virtual, please click here to join

Tuesday 3 September from 10:15am Virtual, please click here to join
Tuesday 5 November from 10:15am Virtual, the link will be available soon 
Tuesday 7 January from 10:15am Virtual, the link will be available soon 
Tuesday 4 March from 10:15am Virtual, the link will be available soon 

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