Staff Networks at LCHS

Following the LCHS way and creating a safe and inclusive working environment, here at LCHS we have various staff networks which are a valuable part of our LCHS family. 

Staff networks are a great place to share experiences, positive practice and any concerns. The networks believe that, every individual to reach their full potential, there must be no fear of discrimination or disrespect and there must be an aim of positive understanding between all staff networks.

Celebrating Our Diversity Everyday staff networks are open to all LCHS staff from BAME backgrounds, and those with a positive interest in driving forward race equality as an employer. Aiming to promote a safe and inclusive working environment for BAME staff and to support the elimination of racial discrimination for employees.

“We are here to create a community for our members of BAME staff, where we can connect with each other and feel a sense of belonging. Through sharing our experiences, we want to bring new perspectives and fresh ideas that helps drive change. Our aim is to connect, communicate and support one another on all issues relevant to our staff. Working closely with Equality Diversity and Inclusion team, we actively promote issues of race equality, diversity and inclusion. We meet every two weeks, please join us to inspire from our network”. - Vice Chair of BAME and Allies Staff Network

The Mental and Physical Lived Experience (MAPLE) Staff Network works to create a safe, inclusive and diverse working environment that encourages respect and equality for all. It is open to all LCHS staff who have a disability or long-term condition, have carers’ responsibilities, or who are interested in health and wellbeing at work and want to drive forward disability equality as an employer. The group currently meet virtually, once a month.

‘The MAPLE staff network group meets on a monthly basis and provides a warm and friendly environment for anyone who has any experience of Mental, Physical or Lived Experience of living with a long term health condition or supporting as an ally or even just to learn from lived experience. The MAPLE staff network provides a supportive environment with representation from health and safety, freedom to speak up champion and mental health first contact, to provide practical and listening support in a safe space for those difficult days. We are diverse, inclusive, we love to learn from and support each other’s experiences. Our door is always open”. - Chair of MAPLE Staff Network

The Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Trans (LGBT+) and Friends Staff Network is open to all LCHS staff who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and those with a positive interest in driving forward equality as an employer. To be inclusive, we are using the widest terminology of LGBT+ for membership of the network. It is aiming to work in partnership with other LGBT+ networks to create a safe, inclusive and diverse working environment that encourages respect and equality for all and a space that values and recognises the differences between sexual orientation and gender identity and works proactively to address these.

“LGBT+ and Friends Staff Network is a small, friendly group available to support people within LCHS who identify as LGBT+. The group has been supported Lincoln Pride for a number of years, and is interested in raising awareness of LGBT+. - Chair of LGBT+ and Friends Staff Network

Carers Forum is open to all LCHS staff with carers’ responsibilities or for colleagues who are interested in raising their own awareness about ‘working carers’ and driving forward the ‘carers champion pledge’ among other colleagues. It is a safe space for any colleague who identifies as a carer and aims to create a safe and inclusive workplace for the voice of carers to be heard and valued.

“We are an open forum to all colleagues who are carers or for staff who would like to support their colleagues or team members. We are here to listen, to share our challenges, signpost to the correct support and help each other”. - Interim Chair of Carers Forum

LCHS has support groups such as IMPACT (disability, long term medical conditions and carers) which was established during the COVID-19 pandemic to support staff who were shielding, with long-term conditions and carers responsibilities. This aimed to support staff during an unpredictable time. The group continues to meet and support colleagues.

"IMPACT is a support group where everyone is welcome. It is a safe space where everyone is listened to and respected, irrespective of their disability, long term medical condition or carer status. All meetings allow individuals to share how they are truly feeling, and other members of the group offer support and understanding in this confidential safe space. It is open to all LCHS staff who have a disability, invisible disability, long term medical condition, staff who were shielding during lockdown, carers or staff with carers’ responsibilities, and any staff members who can support health and wellbeing at work". – Co-Chair of IMPACT

The Men’s ‘SHED’ Network is an opportunity for men to get together and talk about men’s health issues, both physical and mental health.

"Its already helped people in small and bigger ways who have needed that opportunity to talk. It’s a open group with a series of topics we have planned together over the next 6 months. These range from staying healthy, learning about common men’s health issues through to exploring the menopause and learning about the menopause. Come along and influence our agenda. Your personal and work experiences may help one of us". – Chair of SHED Men’s Staff Network

The Women’s Staff Network group was created and driven by LCHS colleagues.

"Joining the women's network has given me an immediate group of people that I knew I had something in common with - identifying as women. This network has given me a community that I can share experiences with, that I can go to for advice and support if I ever encounter bias and discrimination because of my gender. It has introduced me to a group of intelligent, driven, and empowering people who I look forward to talk with each month". – Member of Women’s Staff Network