Human Resources

P_HR_03 Whistleblowing Policy P_HR_04 Induction Policy P_HR_06 Your Behaviour Matters - Disciplinary Policy & Procedure incorporating investigation process P_HR_08 Professional Registration Policy P_HR_10 Recruitment Selection and Secondment Policy P_HR_11 Bullying and Harassment Policy P_HR_13 Learning Development & Training Policy P_HR_15 Flexible Working Policy (including agile working) P_HR_16 Family Leave Policy P_HR_17 Disclosure and Barring Service Policy P_HR_19 Medical Appraisal to Support Medical Revalidation Policy P_HR_21 Retirement Policy P_HR_24 Special Leave Policy P_HR_25 Substance Misuse P_HR_26 Expenses Policy P_HR_27 Your Equality & Diversity Matters Policy P_HR_31 Smoke-free Policy P_HR_38 Interpretation and Translation P_HR_39 Additional Employment P_HR_40 Death in Service Policy P_HR_41 Annual Leave Policy P_HR_42 Leavers Policy Your Feedback Matters P_HR_44 Roster Policy P_HR_45 Your Attendance Matters (Including Ill Health and Absence) P_HR_46 Grievance and Resolution Policy and Procedure P_HR_52 Managing and Supporting People Through Organisational Change P_HR_53 Temporary Staffing Policy P_HR_54 Management of Relationships in the Workplace Policy P_HR_55 Education Examinations Policy P_HR_56 TU Recognition Agreement P_HR_57 Employment Break Policy P_HR_58 Lease car scheme Policy P_HR_60 Inclement Weather Policy P_HR_64 Your Performance Matters - Probation Policy and Procedure P_HR_66 LCHS Staff Benefits Scheme Policy P_HR_67 Overpayment Policy P_HR_68 Your Performance Matters P_HR_69 Domestic Abuse Policy
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