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G_CoG_03 Management of Arrangements Where the Deceased has no Relatives or Next of Kin.pdf G_CS_82 Lincolnshire wide Policy for the Assessment and Provision of Mouth Care (Adult Mouth Care).pdf P_CIG_02 Claims Management Policy.pdf P_CIG_05 Consent to Examination or Treatment Policy.pdf P_CIG_08 Complaints Policy.pdf P_CIG_13 Development and Control of Patient Group Directions (PGD).pdf P_CIG_15 Management of Medication Errors Policy.pdf P_CIG_16 Open and Honest Care Policy (incorporating Duty of Candour).pdf P_CIG_17 Clinical Audit Policy and Procedures.pdf P_CIG_18 Policy for Prescribing, Supply, Storage and Disposal of Controlled Drugs.pdf P_CIG_20 Safe and Secure Handling of Medicines.pdf P_CIG_21 Prevent Strategy Policy.pdf P_CIG_22 Learning from Deaths: Mortality Review Policy.pdf P_CIG_23 Transfer of Care Policy.pdf P_CIG_24 NICE implementation policy.pdf P_CoG_01 Business Continuity Procedure.pdf P_CoG_03 Business Conduct, Conflicts of Interest and Gifts and Hospitalities.pdf P_CoG_06 Protocol and Procedure for Accessing External Legal Advice.pdf P_CoG_07 Management of External Inspections.pdf P_CoG_09 Emergency Preparedness Resilience & Response (EPRR) Policy.pdf P_CoG_13 Communications Policy.pdf P_COG_14 Anti Bribery Policy .pdf P_CoG_15 Production of Patient Information.pdf P_CoG_16 Intellectual Property Policy.pdf P_CoG_17 Business Continuity Policy.pdf P_CoG_18 Social Media & Networking Policy.pdf P_CoG_19 VIPs and Protected Persons Plan.pdf P_CoG_21 Schedule of Matters Reserved to the Board and Scheme Of Delegation.pdf P_CoG_22 Standing Financial Instructions.pdf P_CoG_23 Standing Orders Policy.pdf P_CS_03 Policy for use of the CME McKinley T34 Syringe Driver for Adults in Palliative Care.pdf P_CS_05 Prevention of Venous Thromboembolism Policy.pdf P_CS_06 Admission Discharge and Transfer Policy for Community Hospitals.pdf P_CS_08 Resuscitation Policy.pdf P_CS_09 Medical Devices Policy.pdf P_CS_10 Policy for Developing Local Guidelines & Operating Procedures for Clinical Diagnostic Tests & Screening.pdf P_CS_11 Blood Transfusion Policy.pdf P_CS_15 Adoption Record Keeping Protocol.pdf P_CS_16 Physiological Observations.pdf P_CS_18 Policy for Anticipatory Prescribing and Supply of Palliatve Care Medications for Adults.pdf P_CS_19 Safe Use of Bedrails in the Community.pdf P_CS_20 Subcutaneous Injections in Community Palliative Care.pdf P_CS_22 Multi-Professional Preceptorship Policy.pdf P_CS_24 Patient Identification Policy.pdf P_CS_25 Independent Supplementary Prescribing Policy.pdf P_CS_26 Formulary of Wound Management Products.pdf P_CS_29 Clinical Supervision.pdf P_CS_31 Verification of Death Policy.pdf P_CS_32 Anaphylaxis Recognition & Treatment Policy .pdf P_CS_33 Self Administration of Medicines in Community Hospitals & Butterfly Hospice.pdf P_CS_35 Bariatric Patients Policy.pdf P_CS_37 Transcription of Medicines in Exceptional Circumstances.pdf P_CS_38 Acupuncture Policy.pdf P_CS_42 Mental Capacity Act Including Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards.pdf P_CS_45 Was Not Brought Policy.pdf P_CS_46 Medical Gases Policy.pdf P_CS_47 Risk Feeding Policy.pdf P_CS_49 Sepsis Recognition Policy.pdf P_CS_50 LCHS policy for the Administration of Injectable Medications By A Healthcare Practitioner (Trainee Associate Nurses, Senior Healthcare Support Worker or Allied Health Professional).pdf P_CS_52 Peripheral venous cannulation policy.pdf P_CS_53 Venepuncture.pdf P_CS_54 ReSPECT Policy.pdf P_CS_56 Insulin and non-insulin injectable therapy administration policy.pdf P_CS_57 Policy for the preloading of insulin syringes for patients to administer at home.pdf P_CS_58 Blood glucose and blood ketone monitoring policy.pdf P_CS_59 Roles, Responsibilities and Competencies for Clinical Staff (Bands 2-8a) Policy.pdf P_CS_60 Policy for Administation of Intravenous Drugs and Fluids.pdf P_F_02 Treasury Management Policy.pdf P_F_03 Working Capital Management Policy.pdf P_Fin_01 Countering Fraud Briber and Corruption Policy. and Response Planpdf P_HR_03 Whistleblowing Policy.pdf P_HR_04 Induction Policy.pdf P_HR_06 Your Behaviour Matters - Disciplinary Policy & Procedure incorporating investigation process.pdf P_HR_08 Professional Registration Policy.pdf P_HR_10 Recruitment Selection and Secondment Policy.pdf P_HR_11 Bullying and Harassment Policy.pdf P_HR_13 Learning Development & Training Policy.pdf P_HR_15 Flexible Working Policy (including agile working).pdf P_HR_16 Family Leave Policy.pdf P_HR_17 Disclosure and Barring Service Policy.pdf P_HR_19 Medical Appraisal to Support Medical Revalidation Policy.pdf P_HR_21 Retirement Policy.pdf P_HR_24 Special Leave Policy.pdf P_HR_25 Substance Misuse.pdf P_HR_26 Expenses Policy.pdf P_HR_27 Your Equality & Diversity Matters Policy .pdf P_HR_31 Smoke-free Policy.pdf P_HR_38 Interpretation and Translation .pdf P_HR_39 Additional Employment.pdf P_HR_40 Death in Service Policy.pdf P_HR_41 Annual Leave Policy.pdf P_HR_42 Leavers Policy Your Feedback Matters.pdf P_HR_44 Roster Policy.pdf P_HR_45 Your Attendance Matters (Including Ill Health and Absence).pdf P_HR_46 Grievance and Resolution Policy and Procedure.pdf P_HR_52 Managing and Supporting People Through Organisational Change.pdf P_HR_53 Temporary Staffing Policy.pdf P_HR_54 Management of Relationships in the Workplace Policy.pdf P_HR_55 Education Examinations Policy.pdf P_HR_56 TU Recognition Agreement.pdf P_HR_57 Employment Break Policy.pdf P_HR_58 Lease car scheme Policy.pdf P_HR_60 Inclement Weather Policy.pdf P_HR_64 Your Performance Matters - Probation Policy and Procedure.pdf P_HR_66 LCHS Staff Benefits Scheme Policy.pdf P_HR_67 Overpayment Policy.pdf P_HR_68 Your Performance Matters.pdf P_HR_69 Domestic Abuse Policy.pdf P_HS_02 Corporate Health and Safety Policy.pdf P_HS_04 Manual Handling Policy.pdf P_HS_05 Security Policy and Strategy.pdf P_HS_09 Managing Stress at Work.pdf P_HS_13 CCTV Policy.pdf P_HS_14 Display Screen Equipment Policy.pdf P_HS_15 Uniform and Dress Code Policy.pdf P_HS_16 Fire Safety Policy.pdf P_HS_18 Lone Worker and Violence and Aggression at Work Policy.pdf P_IG_25 Information Governance Management Policy.pdf P_IG_26 Data Protection Policy.pdf P_IG_27 Information Security Policy.pdf P_IG_28 Records Management Policy.pdf P_IG_29 Clinical Technology Standards Policy.pdf P_IG_30 Information Risk Policy.pdf P_IG_31 Mobile Phone and Access Policy.pdf P_IPC_01 Infection Prevention Policy.pdf P_IPC_03 Maintaining The Cold Chain - The control and monitoring of storage temperatures of medicinal products.pdf P_RM_01 Incident Reporting Policy.pdf P_RM_02 Risk Management Strategy.pdf P_RM_06 Serious Incident Policy.pdf P_SG_01_Chaperone Policy.pdf P_SG_02 Safeguarding Adults Policy .pdf P_SG_03 Safeguarding Children Policy.pdf P_SG_04 Safeguarding Supervision Policy.pdf P_SG_05 Allegations of Abuse.pdf Policy Implementation Plan Template.doc Risk Assessment Form.doc Risk Matrix.doc Root Cause Analysis Toolkit - Incident Investigation (1).doc
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