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Ex-stroke patient donates birthday money to community stroke service

Posted on: 4th December 2019

A gentleman, who was seen for specialised rehabilitation by the Assisted Discharge Stroke Service (ADSS) team in Louth back in 2014, surprised his former therapists by donating his 70th birthday money to the service.

Mr Graham Dodsworth, who seen by Lincolnshire Community Health Services NHS Trust (LCHS) for three months in 2014 following his stroke, recently celebrated his 70th birthday and asked friends and family if he could have donations instead of presents.

He raised £300 which he gave to the ADSS Louth team in appreciation of their delivery of his specialised rehabilitation programme.

Mr Dodsworth said: “Even though it was a few years ago now, I’m extremely grateful to the ADSS team who helped me through my recovery. I will never forget the time, patience and specialist advice they gave me and wanted to give something back to help future patients.”

The money will go through the Trust’s charity; Charitable Funds. Charitable Funds is an independent charity that plays a vital role in supporting LCHS to make a difference to patient care. Charitable Funds provides enhanced services and facilities that would not normally be funded by the NHS.

Sue Limmer Team Lead at LCHS said: “It’s always lovely to be visited by previous patients; however this donation was a wonderful surprise to add to the occasion.

“We do enjoy providing specialised rehabilitation for patients and helping them recover but to know we are remembered five years on is something special.”