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Lincoln nurses arrange stylish day out for terminally ill patient

Posted on: 6th November 2019

Staff from LCHS helped organise a special day out for one of their terminally ill patients. 

Emma Orrey and Marie Halligan from Lincoln North Integrated Community Team applied to the HoneyRose Foundation to ask them to arrange for patient Angela Bryceland to travel on The Belmond British Pullman steam train.  

Angela, who sadly has metastatic breast cancer, has always wanted to go on the Belmond British Pullman steam train.

The HoneyRose Foundation is a charity that grants wishes to those over 40, with cancer and other life threatening illnesses. The HoneyRose Foundation accepted the application and arranged and funded Angela’s trip.

Angela’s dream was realised last month and Emma and Marie were fortunate to be able to accompany Angela with her daughter Eleanor and Eleanor’s Dad John.

The group took the train from Newark to Kings Cross, London then a taxi across to London Victoria station to meet the Belmond British Pullman. The steam train left London Victoria station and travelled around Surrey for several hours, whilst the passengers enjoyed a meal and a glass of champagne.

Angela said: “I’m so pleased I was well enough to really enjoy my special day. I have a syringe driver infusing my medication but I was lucky to be comfortable and symptom free all that day.

“I thoroughly enjoyed having my hair done and dressing in my finest for the special occasion.

I’m extremely grateful to Emma, Marie and the HoneyRose Foundation for the memories we created that day.”

Case Manager, Emma Orrey said: “We returned to Lincoln exhausted but so happy that the day had been a success.

“Our team were really supportive and staff sent messages of joy and delight, thrilled that Angela had achieved her special day. It truly was a fabulous day and myself and Marie were honoured to be a part of it.”