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Musical Yamaha organ donated to Skegness Hospital for ward therapy

Posted on: 16th November 2023

Angela Taylor’s late father, Alan Froggatt, passed away in March 2017 and his family have generously donated his Yamaha organ to Skegness Hospital, where it will be used for ward therapy.

There are two in-patient wards at Skegness Hospital. A 24 bed unit on Gloucester Ward and a 15 bed unit on Scarbrough Ward which includes three palliative care beds for patients who need specialist care when nearing the end of their life.

Angela grew up in a musical family, her dad played many instruments and he would always have the music on, dancing around the house. The Yamaha organ was one of her father's favourite instruments but it has been left in the spare room being unused since he passed away.

Angela and her mum, Jane Froggatt, didn't want Alan's beloved item to continue gathering dust in the spare room. They decided to put it to good use so that others could enjoy it, just as they did.

They chose Skegness as the destination as it held many fond memories for Alan and Jane, who used to visit the place frequently. In the 1960s, they even spent their honeymoon in Skegness, and it was a favourite holiday spot for the entire family.

Nicola Parker, Clinical Team Lead for Scarborough Ward in Skegness Hospital said: “Thank you so much to Angela and all the family for this kind donation. It’s going to bring so much joy to all our patients and staff members on the wards.”

Angela said: “My dad was an amazing person and everyone who crossed paths with him thought the same. He would do anything to help anyone, was so kind and caring, was a devoted husband, dad and grandad and was just one of life’s true gentleman.

“Dad would love that the organ is going to go somewhere that will keep the music alive and hopefully bring a smile to people’s faces and to a place that he loved.”